Cyber-attacks cause huge losses of time and money each year, whether they are aimed at governments, businesses, or persons. Millions of dollars in money or proprietary information can be lost in minutes. Even the smallest businesses need to protect themselves with information technology security services by keeping their customers’ data secure.

Our IT security consultants assess systems, networks, and software for vulnerabilities.  We then design and implement the best solutions for your needs.  We minimize the risk of theft of financial and personal information, keep systems running smoothly, and block hackers from accessing and divulging proprietary data.

We make recommendations for hardware and software upgrades. We can perform penetration testing and malware analysis, and evaluate all the points in the technology environment where information is at risk.

Our services include the following:

Vulnerability and risk assessments

Penetration testing

Policy and plan development

Computer security incident response

Application and software security assurance

Insider threat and APT assessment

Social engineering awareness training (targeted phishing)

IT risk management and compliance

IT Security Awareness Training


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