Our investigators have extensive experience with law firm & attorney support in complex investigative matters. Our network of experienced investigators, combined with our background in conducting in-depth research, analysis and interviews, adds value to the efforts of inside or outside counsel. We support  all types of legal action both civil and criminal. 

Legal Support Services

Companies and individuals are often caught up in various types of civil litigation. The loss of a legal case can result in massive financial loss and damage to reputations. These cases may be determined by attorneys’ fact-finding capabilities to prove their case. Experienced attorneys know the value of having highly experienced investigators at their disposal. A professional investigator can greatly assist the attorney during the process of trial preparation and discovery.

The prosecution has an entire force of officers, detectives, and Special Agents supporting their efforts. Even the playing field by using Veracity IIR. Our team of experienced investigators will help you provide the best defense to which your client is entitled.

Make informed decisions.

Make informed decisions. Whether you need to make a business decision, a legal decision or something else, you need the best, most accurate and up to date information. Our investigators will work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a plan of action. Veracity IIR will help you mitigate risk when venturing into unknown territory.

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