We provide a full array of corporate services including investigative services, risk management solutions and business intelligence collection options.

Fraud and misconduct take various shapes and forms and can make a significant impact on any company large or small. Protect your property, reputation, and proprietary information; confirm the trustworthiness of employees and partners; maintain the security and safety of your company and its employees by utilizing the experienced investigators at Veracity IIR.

Hiring an independent third party investigator such as Veracity IIR to conduct employee misconduct investigations eliminates appearances of impropriety and accusations of a pre-determined outcome. We conduct unbiased and professional investigations to provide you with a comprehensive report so you can make timely and informed decisions on personnel matters.

If you have products that disappear, facilities that are being damaged or attacks on your people or infrastructure, Veracity IIR can use our investigative techniques to identify and mitigate threats to your business and its employees.

Do you know who you’re dealing with? Corporate due diligence provides a background investigation and assessment of the reputation of a potential partner or individual in a business endeavor. Due diligence can also consist of the assessment of an entity’s assets, previous litigation, and other relevant issues. Our due diligence services are provided to companies, venture capital firms, law firms, investors and other qualified parties. Let the Veracity IIR investigations team provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make an informed decision. We offer a phased approach to due diligence to provide you with the comfort level you need to make the right decision.

Make informed decisions.

Make informed decisions. Whether you need to make a business decision, a legal decision or something else, you need the best, most accurate and up to date information. Our investigators will work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a plan of action. Veracity IIR will help you mitigate risk when venturing into unknown territory.

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