We understand that sensitive investigations need to be handled with care. At Veracity, we offer discrete, professional services in the following areas:

Sexual Impropriety Allegations – Whether you have an allegation to make or find yourself the victim of an unfair, baseless allegation, we can discreetly help prove or disprove by uncovering the truth.

Hazing –  Schools, sports, and other organizations continue to experience incidents involving hazing. In addition to the extreme tragedies that can occur, it opens up your organization and its members to liability. Even the smallest allegation should not be taken lightly as it can lead to more serious incidents and may have just exposed the “tip of the iceberg.” Veracity IIR can discretely and confidentially investigate allegations of hazing so you can deal with them swiftly, effectively, appropriately. Hiring an outside, third party investigator will help you avoid the appearance of bias and a pre-determined outcome.

School / Student Issues – Veracity IIRs founder Mr. Kouns, was at one time a high school teacher and is married to a middle school teacher.  Being keenly aware of the recent incidents of violence and other events occurring in and around schools, we are making it a priority to address these issues by working with officials and employees to train, defend and better prepare them to mitigate the threat to our most valuable resources.

Prominent Figures and Organizational Extortion – Wealthy individuals, politicians, celebrities, etc. are in the public eye and become the victims of attempt at extortion, smear campaigns and other scandal. Whatever the issue is, Veracity IIR will discretely and confidentially investigate the matter to expose the truth and bring it to a successful resolution.

Make informed decisions.

Make informed decisions. Whether you need to make a business decision, a legal decision or something else, you need the best, most accurate and up to date information. Our investigators will work with you to assess your specific needs and develop a plan of action. Veracity IIR will help you mitigate risk when venturing into unknown territory.

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