Password Safety

8 Jun Fri,2018 admin

We all have too many passwords to manage – and it’s easy to take short-cuts, like reuseing the same password. A password management program can help you to maintain strong unique passwords for all of your accounts. These programs can generate strong passwords for you, enter credentials automatically, and remind you to update your passwords periodically.
There are several online password management services that offer free versions, and KeePass, is a free application for Mac and Windows.

Here are some general password tips to keep in mind:

Use long passwords – 20 characters or more is recommended.

Use a strong mix of characters, and never use the same password for multiple sites.

Don’t share your passwords and don’t write them down (especially not on a post-it note attached to your monitor).

Update your passwords periodically, at least once every 6 months (90 days is better).