Feedback from our customers

Great Training Programs!


“Ms. Guider recently put on a three day training about presentation skills to a group of law enforcement officers and administrators.  The material was clearly and professionally presented in an interesting and entertaining manner.  It was hands on and we all had to demonstrate our understanding by performing brief presentations of our own.  She and the class would then provide feedback to further reinforce these concepts on which she had provided.  We are all better prepared for professional advancement as a result.”  J.K.


Business Manager

“Doug investigated a complex, high profile, sensitive matter of which I had knowledge.  He and his investigative partner aggressively pursued the truth, digging down layer after layer to expose an elaborate scheme designed to line the pockets of a few and in the process harm many.  Their relentless pursuit of justice and refusal to give up led to the successful dismantlement of a conspiracy to defraud.”  G.S.

Amazing Company!

Mortgage Broker

“Amazing company! amazing information! Highly recommend!! They were very informative about mortgage and real estate fraud! Will definitely refer them to customers who need help with what they do!” Angie Turley, Mortgage Broker